Friday, October 28, 2011

Across 60 years--a double!

So we're at my in-laws' house this afternoon, having lunch and viewing photos with visiting relatives. Lots of fun and jokes and good food. (Gotta' have the food.) Going through old albums, many of which I hadn't even seen in the nearly 40 years I've been in the family and writing names on the back of the photos and in some cases, my mother-in-law and her sister just trying to remember who those people were!

And there's this black and white photo of my husband, not quite a year old, sitting on a blanket and looking into the camera, his face scrunched against the sun, and I think, "What's Jack doing there?" Jack is our nearly three years old grandson. And there, on my husband's face in 1950--is Jack!

Until that moment, we'd thought Jack resembled the "other side." But now, there's no denying it: across 60 years, a double has emerged!

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