Saturday, September 24, 2016

A bio

My 9-year-old granddaughter called me last week to help her write a bio for an art exhibit she's to be featured in next month. Wow! Art exhibit at nine! What talent and she certainly didn't get it from this side of the family tree.

But a bio? We discussed what should go in it: her name, age (relevant in this case), where she goes to school, who her art teacher is, and what else she enjoys doing. She wrote a lovely one and I gave it the grandmother stamp of approval.

But then I thought: I need a new bio for my books and the websites which sell them. There would be my name, no age since it's not relevant, basically where I live if it pertains to what I write (it does), how I've learned my craft (experience and professional writing organizations) and what else I enjoy doing.

I need to get busy and will post my new bio as soon as I sort it out and get my granddaughter's stamp of approval.

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Monday, September 12, 2016

Another Amazon Giveaway

I decided to do an Amazon Giveaway each month. This month, T's Trial, the first of my Bone Cold--Alive series. The rules are as follows:

See this #AmazonGiveaway for a chance to win: T's Trial: A Bone Cold--Alive Novel (Kindle Edition).

NO PURCHASE NECESSARY. Ends the earlier of Oct 3, 2016 11:59 PM PDT, or when all prizes are claimed. See Official Rules

Please follow the link and click through to see if you're a winner.

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Thursday, September 08, 2016

King of Paradise

I loved Mt. Crested Butte, Colorado, the first time I was there for a skiing expedition on a frigid pre-Christmas holiday. Later, we visited in the summer and I went on a few girls' trips to the area. So, it was only fitting that at some point I would set a novel there.

King of Paradise is a story of hidden identity, of a man who wants to be loved for himself and not for the fact that he does indeed hold the keys to a kingdom.

From the back cover copy--if it had a back cover, but King of Paradise is e-only:

"Wyndha O’Brien is looking forward to a few weeks vacation before teaching again in September. But she’s soon recruited to take her sister’s children and new step-daughter to Mt. Crested Butte Colorado instead. The children are contentious, the Jeep her new brother-in-law rented is a stick shift, and the handsome men in the next condo are just a bit too curious about her newly formed family.

Rudy Marks is heir to the throne of Arpathia, a small European country known for cattle and tourism. After a buying trip to the US, he and right-hand man Derek Sands settle into a week of relaxation at Mt. Crested Butte with his uncle’s valet. But the woman in the next condo intrigues them: she’s using someone else’s credit card, her children all have different last names, and she’s not interested in them!

It isn’t easy being heir to a throne and one of the toughest problems is finding the right woman to share it. Wyndha and Rudy can’t see what’s right in front of them: each other. It’ll take three plotting children and two best men to solve the problem of getting a queen for the King of Paradise."

It's for sale on Kindle, Nook, and iBooks for $2.99. Check it out!

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