Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Wedding Belle Blues

Once I received my rights back from my former e-publisher, I determined to update the books and release them once again. This time I'm proud to announce the release of Wedding Belle Blues.

From the back cover copy--except there is no back cover as I've released this in e-only, but if there were back cover copy:

"How much drama can one wedding have? If it’s not bride Krista's parents, it’s her four aunts. What they each need is a male distraction and guess what? They need only look under the engagement party tent.

Mary Willa is shocked to see her long ago ex taking the stage at the engagement party and even more traumatized to realize she’ll have to introduce him to their two daughters.

Felicia finds her husband’s infidelity the last straw in their shaky marriage and decides the photographer the perfect foil for her frustration.

Widow Penelope determines to break out of her good daughter image by taking the bridal party to Las Vegas. But why is the groom’s uncle following them?

Maureen is the in-your-face sister who’s earned her hard-nosed reputation. When guilt unexpectedly rears its ugly head, can the family priest heal her struggles?

What will it take to guarantee there are no Wedding Belle Blues?"

I tell WBB in five sections, each one dealing with a different couple and taking on one of the aspects of the wedding: engagement party; travel shower; bachelorette party; rehearsal dinner; and finally, The Wedding.

I've styled this as a romantic comedy. There's nothing behind the bedroom doors, just a gentle falling into (or back into) love all over again.

So, please take a look on Kindle, Nook, or iBooks.

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Friday, May 06, 2016

Another Woman's Quilt

I'm not sure why repurposing this particular old quilt should have struck such a nerve with me. I've taken "cutters" before and fashioned toys, vests and jackets from them. I've given what many people would have tossed into the trash new life.

But this quilt bothered me. Perhaps it was the detail: small squares, perhaps 1 1/2 inches, hand cut, hand sewn, hand-quilted onto a nondescript beige muslin with real cotton complete with cotton stem bits for batting. In no place was the pattern complete; it was not a show quilt of perfection. Instead it was meant for warmth. I think part of it came from a man's shirt, the pattern had the look of that.

I needed a new insert for my Canton cart. The original black one had torn, its velcro slipping and the whole thing worthy only of the trash. I found this quilt in my stash (she who dies with the most fabric wins). I don't remember where I got it, probably an estate sale for a bargain price. The black squares had deteriorated to the point of shredding and the top and bottom were not even cutter worthy.

So why should I grieve another woman's quilt when I've taken the middle and fashioned a cart insert? When I've given it a second chance? Perhaps it was the smallness of the squares or the fact that I've made six quilts for my grandchildren since I last repurposed a quilt. Perhaps I worry that someday someone will repurpose one of the ones I have so lovingly worked on and presented.


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