Friday, July 24, 2015

The July Round Robin: Pets in Books

It's a rare person or family who either does not have or has never had a pet. Pets become part of our families and lives. Study after study has shown that pets are valuable to us as companions. Scads of money has been thrown at these findings only to ascertain what pet owners already know.

That said, I've used pets sparingly in my books. I hadn't realized how sparingly until Robin suggested this topic. As a lifelong cat owner, I've only put them in one of my books, the romantic suspense Once Upon a McLeod. In it, the two black and white cats, Tuxedo and Penguin, are both comfort to the heroine and harbinger of the bad acts perpetrated upon her. If something's up with the cats, bad doings are afoot!

I've used large dogs, golden retrievers (personally, our first "children" were Cocker Spaniels, alas a breed which wouldn't have worked in these books), in After the Thunder Rolls Away and T's Trial. In the former, a household of men, the outgoing, rambunctious retriever was just the right companion. In T's Trial, an older, more staid retriever guards the door of the convenience store and checks out all who enter. At night, they sleep with "their" boys.

Pets add humanity to a story just as they add it to our personal stories. My house is empty without a cat. From now on, when I pen a novel, I shall have to think about whether my book is empty without them also.

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At 7:22 AM CDT, Blogger Rhobin said...

Isn't it odd that we have to use the word 'humanity' for the gift animals give us? I've run into this before. Perhaps its just me; yet I also believe animals make us better people.
Enjoyed your post.

At 2:44 PM CDT, Blogger anne stenhouse said...

HI Kay, Sounds like you do have pets/animals in your books and to good effect. All part of how we live our lives, Anne

At 7:35 PM CDT, Blogger Victoria Chatham said...

I have had cats in the past but never considered myself a cat person. That has now changed. I love 'em as much as the dogs and horses.

At 2:17 PM CDT, Blogger darkwriter said...

It sounds like you've used animzls quite a bit. I enjoyed your post.

At 7:45 AM CDT, Blogger Skyewriter said...

I've always incorporated pets or animals into my cast of characters for a book, but sometimes forget to mention them when I'm on a roll with the writing and have to go back and figure out where this particular pet might have appeared and add him or her.


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