Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Just exactly where have I been?

Not that I'm the most active blogger, but three and a half weeks of silence is a stretch even for me. So, where have I been?

South America! On a Silversea cruise. We journeyed from Santiago de Chile to Buenos Aires Argentina via Uruguay and The Falklands. It was 16 days aboard ship and a day before and three after on land. Although I'm not sure which part of the adventure I would have deleted (the first day in Uruguay and the Porto Aisen stop in Chile perhaps), it was too long on the ship. Not that we weren't pampered and well-fed. Not by any means. We were SPOILED.

I've just completed a run through of our 700+ photos and put an unknown number on a flash drive for a trip to Walmart and the printer. I'll be writing a set of articles for the North Texas eNews as well and will post here when they're up. I have to arrange it all in my mind first.

Until then!

Friday, January 04, 2013

Woman's World Magazine--Jan 14 issue

That's the one with my romance fiction in it, The Trip of a Lifetime. The editors tweaked it a bit--guess every word wasn't the platinum I thought it was!--but that's my story and I'm very proud to be on page 42.

Available at fine checkout counters everywhere but just for one week! After you read my story, read the rest. I love the recipes and the craft ideas for children.

Now, to do it again...