Thursday, November 24, 2011

Thanksgivings a world away

We've had a wonderful Thanksgiving Day, celebrating with our older son and his family and our younger son's mother-in-law while younger son and wife are celebrating their 5th anniversary in Costa Rica. But did that mean we were just a little table of seven, unconnected from the world?

Of course not! Enter FaceTime.

First, just as we were having dessert, the iPad rang and it was Mary's mom and dad and brother in London. Not just a talk, but a visit! Seeing each other over wifi--for free! (All things being relative. The wifi access is gained by a monthly subscription, but oh the things you can do with it!)

Then, later, near dinner time, came the call from the vacationers in Costa Rica. Sitting in their hotel lobby, ordering dinner, telling us about the beach and what all they hadn't been doing.

Sitting in my kitchen and talking to the world!

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