Sunday, November 13, 2011

Doesn't anyone eat breakfast at home any more?

Saturday morning we're headed to Dallas to help grandson Jack celebrate his 3rd birthday. In reality, we're support staff, the oldest people at the party. Rocks amid the chaos of toddlers, so to speak.

Therefore, we decide to take our time and arrive fashionably late, about an hour would do. So what are grandparents to do except treat themselves to breakfast out?

I love breakfast, period. I particularly like it in a restaurant. The eggs are better, the bacon crisper, the biscuits there, because I don't make biscuits for breakfast. In general, I have better coffee at home, but since I'd had two cups already, I was prepared to sacrifice.

We arrive at an old family watering hole at 8:45 AM. Wouldn't you think most people would have had breakfast by then? Ah, but no. There was not one--not one!--parking place. Cars and trucks were emptying of couples who looked an awful lot like us and they were streaming into the door. But no parking spot! And because of the configuration of the building, the highway, and the neighborhood, there wasn't anything for it, but to move on.

Next stop, a popular dining establishment located in the parking lot of a mall. We parked. Ten minute wait. We didn't really believe them given the size of the crowd waiting and it was now after nine. Much more piddling around and fashionably late was going to look like no-shows.

I was getting hungry. My two cups of coffee and a banana were wearing off and then--there it was!--a sign for a Waffle House!


We got the last booth. We were out in fewer than 20 minutes. We were 15 minutes early for fashionably late.

But, doesn't anyone in the Metroplex eat Saturday breakfast at home?

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