Thursday, March 24, 2011

How to make a closet clean-out more palatable

Once I buy something--clothes, kitchen utensils, furniture--I want to keep it forever, or at least until it wears out to my satisfaction. The exception to the rule is clothes that, no matter whether too large (rare) or too small (alas, not so rare), no longer fit. They go.

But I have found a way to make closet clean-out a little easier on my hold-it-forever soul: consignment.

Our local second hand shop has recently moved and changed some of its policies. Major change: consignment of really, really nice things. I actually have some of those, and as they were no longer fulfilling their roles in my wardrobe, I took them in. True, there were only four of them, two skirts, a dress, and a blouse, but we found a price and I consigned them with the understanding that after 30 days, they belonged to the store, do with as you will.

I popped in today to see how it was going in general and was handed $25! Not that that covers a multitude of my shopping sins, but it was very nice. That was my 50% for the sale of three of the items.

The dress still lingers, but there's time yet. It's only been a week.

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