Monday, March 31, 2008

Succumbing to the dance

I have a soft spot in my movie watching genres: I love dance movies. Strictly Ballroom, Shall We Dance? (both versions), Dirty Dancing, and Dance with Me are just a few of the ones I'll sit and watch no matter the times I've seen them before. I'm also not above being lured into the dance scene (unedited DVD) of The Thomas Crown Affair, the one with Pierce and Renee. Which is what makes it so amazing that it's taken until this season for me to get serious about Dancing with the Stars.

But serious we are. Always a fan of the PBS ballroom dancing shows, and having taken all of 6 lessons ourselves (we failed waltz), we consider ourselves armchair experts. We critique and praise and guess the numbers that'll be hoisted. We've actually become pretty good at it and in an obviously short time. So the big question last week was: could we correctly call the two couples who would scoot off the floor first?

Well, I did. Penn and Monica, for all their good thoughts and earnest endeavors (especially on her part. After all, what woman doesn't have a trapped teenager inside her who wants to dress like a princess and glide around the dance floor?) had to go.

But having never seriously played this game before, I'm just now realizing how hard it is going to be to call the next one who should go off. My short list, before I see the contest tonight, is Adam, Steve, and Marissa. I'll update tomorrow and see if my powers of picking hold.



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