Tuesday, January 19, 2016

January Round Robin: What I want-need-should accomplish writing in 2016

The Round Robin topic this month is what we wish (want? need?) to accomplish this year in the way of writing projects. Oh, boy! Robin, you have hit this nail on the head!

Several (I decline to remember or look up how many) years ago I started a contemporary romance novel which I have yet to finish. I stopped at page 60. There’s no reason why. I had all the usual suspects lined up and ready to race to their inevitable happy conclusion.

The heroine: Two or more (details! details!) generations back, her family and the hero’s began feuding. Eventually, her family’s accomplishments (there’s that word again) paled in comparison to that of the hero’s. But she’s got her education, owns a rare book business, holds a certain status in the community and does her best to keep her interfering family at bay. She doesn’t think she needs the forbidden fruit offered (once again?) in the guise of

The hero: He’s running the family business from a safe distance away and is only in town this time to help his dad celebrate a milestone birthday. (I’ve even forgotten which one!) Dragged to the library’s annual pumpkin patch sale by his brother, he busies himself in the used book room and comes face to shapely legs with the girl his family has told him was—you’ve guessed it—forbidden fruit.

The villain—or is she?: The hero’s mother is tired of his wandering, too-good-for-where-he-came-from ways and decides that it’s time for him to settle down and for them all to put the past to rest. But first, there’s a little retribution to be paid.

The plot: (There’s a plot?) Oh, yes! Two slim volumes on being the perfect bride/groom. Our heroine has one and craves the other. Now, I wonder… who do you think has it?

Of course, there are the minor details to fill in: The feud. The two slim volumes I started writing.

What obstacles are in my way to finish this opus? Uh, me. You know all about it, fellow authors: Butt in chair. Fingers on keyboard. Go! It’s okay if it’s unworthy the first time around, except I always consider that a waste of effort and want to do it right the first time. Perhaps that’s my main obstacle. It’s not that I’m a perfectionist—far from it!—it’s that I’m lazy and don’t want to do my work over again.

The Great American Romance Novel is calling. I need to get to it. Thanks for the reminder, Robin.

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Saturday, January 09, 2016

Adding to the iBooks world

I finally put the last four books in my Bone Cold--Alive series up on iBooks today. The first two are still in the Amazon-only universe, but when they are finished there, I'll add them to both iBooks and Nook. And, of course, they'll still be available for Kindle.

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