Thursday, October 16, 2014

Sharing a review

I was very excited to read the following comment on my website for T's Trial. I can't help but share!

"I was one of those readers who downloaded the free book and didn't read it for a while ... Jinks is a wonderful place and the community and history among the citizens makes me long for small town living. Your writing is very engaging, I laughed, had a few tears, loved the reparte between the characters. It's the continued threads with all the people that builds up in each consecutive book that just makes the reading better and better. In the second book, the scoreboard at Damsite was hilarious! Fletch's neighbor in the third book is a great addition. I plan to write a review on Amazon for your books and I have never done that before and I read almost a book every day. Please do continue Bone Cold- Alive series, I will buy every one! Thank you."

Needless to say, I answered her with the assurance that the Bone Cold--Alive series does continue with the upcoming Ron's Run, Ian's Image, and Bo's Beauty. I hope to have them up in November/December/January.

Thanks for all your kind comments and reviews.