Sunday, August 26, 2012

And just where have you been? you might ask

Eating Chateaubriand?

Per my last blog, we have indeed shared a Chateaubriand meal for our 40th anniversary. We were on the 38th floor of the beautiful Toronto Westin Harborview (?), watching the small planes land, the water traffic, an ambitious spider on the outside of our floor to ceiling window trying to spin a web and being constantly buffeted by the wind. Lovely meal, lovely place, lovely two weeks in Canada.

For our 40th celebration, we decided to skip town and head north. Wanting a bit of adventure as well, we signed on for the trans-Canada, Halifax to Vancouver, train trip. It's not all train by any means. In fact, most of it is spent in Fairmont hotels. But the 4 nights on the train were interesting, the food was always good, the scenery changing.

We've been home less than 48 hours and I found in our mail that the first half of our credit card charges beat us home! I guess the good news about that is, the money outlay will be spread over two months and not due all at once. I'm getting a handle on the laundry, reacquainting myself (and being forgiven for desertion, never mind they were well looked after) with the cats. I have a pile of papers in front of me which I'll use to write articles for our internet newspaper, the North Texas eNews, and I'll post the links when those come up. Have to write them first. Have to download the photos before that.

All 500 of them.