Thursday, August 28, 2008

My pear crop

After 25 years of growing, trimming, feeding, and coaxing our two pear trees into yielding pears--an act they do with regularity--I am happy to report that I--the owner of said trees--have finally beaten the raccoons and squirrels at their own game and picked a pear crop.

Twenty four. Approx.

One tree has given us big pears and one tree's are half the size. There are a few pears at the top of the tree, but absent a wind toppling them into my waiting hands, they will be gleaned or left to rot.

I had hoped to make pear preserves, my absolute favorite jelly/jam/condiment, but a friend informed me that as these were planted to be eating pears, they wouldn't make good preserving pears. And there are only 24 of them.

Bon appetit to me!

But what about a pie?

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