Friday, December 06, 2013

Ah, the raccoons

We have been blissfully raccoon-absent for several months. I know this because the outdoor cats' water bowl has been clean of a morning and there is dry food left. Then, three nights ago, the water bowl was filthy and the food was all gone.

Hmmm. Raccoons?

I set up the game camera hoping to catch a glimpse of the varmint and to my surprise, found we have FIVE raccoon visitors. Judging from the sizes, I thought, a mom, three little ones, and a juvenile, perhaps left over from a previous litter?

So I set the trap and easily caught either the mom or the juvenile, although I think the latter. Our weather has then turned to ice and freezing temps and I don't trap in extreme bad weather, so I thought we'd all live to fight another day.

This evening, I wanted to check on the food I'd left for my outdoor cats and who do I find indulging in it, but three young raccoons! I opened the back door and they skittered up the pergola post, pausing to look at me and listen stone-faced as I told them what naughty raccoons they were. Two disappeared onto the roof, but one remained while I stood outside and watched my cats eat their food.

The weather will warm this week and I will set my trap again.


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