Wednesday, March 30, 2011

The 18-wheeler and the post office

Our post office sits on one of the two state highways which intersect in our downtown. Several years ago, in an attempt to clear congestion, the street curb was painted red and large letters of "mail drop only" (or so) were painted. For a while, no one parked in front and ran up the stairs and in to check their box. Then people got sloppy and the red faded and now everyone thinks they're special and the parking in front has run rampant. Most people don't block the mail drop boxes which was the purpose of the red in the first place.

But today, fortunately, the street in front was empty. So it was that an 18-wheeler came roaring up, blinking to go right. The driver scooted its length into place and stopped just shy of the drop boxes. The driver door swung open and the driver emerged. He bounced down, came around the front of his truck, and dropped one letter into the box.

It struck me as funny. I followed in the line of cars behind him as we drove north, he eventually pulled over at a convenience store, parking on the shoulder, and I watched in my rearview mirror as he bounced down and went in for his snack.

I bet he's an interesting fellow.

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