Wednesday, January 26, 2011

No longer a second class citizen

I have an original iPhone. It is so far behind the tech-iPhone curve that I no longer bother to update it. It functions as a phone and a text-originator just fine and anyway, why should I buy a new phone when our area is not 3G? So, stubbornly, I've held on and watched everyone else have the fantastic new toy which I wouldn't be able to use to its fullest anyway.

Then today friend Cindy calls and says the magic word (words?): "3G." Her friend at work had pointed it out to her and she had her Kindle in hand and it was showing 3G. Quickly, I flipped my iPad to cellular connect and there it was: 3G.

Now I have a dilemma. Well, not really. Next time I get within hailing distance of an Apple store... or get the urge online... or go out to the AT&T place...

I think I'll join the 3G iPhone 4 world.


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