Monday, January 08, 2007

My Suburban state of mind

I'm driving my Trailblazer and loving it, but there's a problem. I still think I'm in a Suburban. I'm not allowing myself the freedom of driving and parking that this smaller vehicle allows.

I'm looking for double wide parking places. As if I can't turn this baby on a dime! A DIME! It's incredible. I've always loved sharp turns, precise, no whipping into someone else's space. But I'm not focusing on smaller yet.

Passing. New baby will get up to speed in a hurry, not think about it and then go. Sheesh!

It's been cold the last several mornings. I forgot I had seat heaters until I was looking in the manual for something else. Sometimes we just deserve our cold tush.

I've never had a gearshift in the floor, automatic that it is. Slapping at the steering wheel is non-productive.

I took the Suburban for oil change and inspection, then almost fell out of it because its four-wheel-drive self is so much higher off the ground and I am getting used to a lower car. One point in my favor.

On the other hand, I didn't get close enough to the bank deposit vacuum tube this morning and had to stretch out the window instead of almost hitting the thing with my side mirror like I usually do.

Speaking of which, I still don't have the mirrors adjusted correctly.

I've gone a vehicle diet and I'm not used to my new clothes.


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